Announcing — FREE Webinars for YOUR Members!

Greetings, colleagues –

VHMA and VMAE possess many characteristics in common, including the strategic commitment to help veterinary practices thrive.  As an expression of that commitment, VHMA and VMAE are collaborating to advance practice health by offering a third webinar series – New and Improved Pricing Strategies – that is free to your VMA and to your members.   Here’s the scoop:

Of all the business decisions that a veterinary practice must make, those involving setting prices for products and services are among the most important and impactful ones. No other decision affects the practice’s revenues or profits as directly or significantly as a pricing decision does. Price changes have a direct, immediate, and measurable effect on a veterinary practice’s revenues and profits.

Strategic pricing is not just about making more money or earning higher profits for their own sake. Beyond the economic importance for veterinary practices, strategic pricing has the potential to address significant high-level problems that are endemic to the industry. These involve being able to pay wages to staff members that go beyond the minimum wage and afford a more stress-free and sustainable lifestyle. Just as important, a strategic pricing framework supports the pet, positioning pets for longer, happier, and healthier lives through more affordable care.

The webinars are available free of charge to members of the VHMA and veterinary medical associationsThe VHMA will issue a one (1) hour continuing education certificate to attendee for each session attended.

You’ll find that text – plus the learning objectives, webinar dates, presenter information (on the most awesome Dr. Karen Felsted), and registration links –  here on the VMAE website.  Please feel free to copy and paste any of the text from the website into your communications channels.  Indeed, VHMA and VMAE want you to leverage the heck out of this offering – it’s turnkey for you, it bears no cost except for your time to promote it to your members, and it addresses an important, current issue in veterinary medicine.  What’s not to love?

The first webinar will be held on January 26, 2021 (yes, finally, 2021 is arriving!).  So start your promotion planning now, and provide FREE access for YOUR members to best-in-class content.  Help.  Them.  Thrive!



PS – As always, ring me (303.946.0620) or email me ( if you have any questions.

PPS – The two previous webinar series offered by VHMA and VMAE – (1) Financial Literacy and (2) Developing Your Dream Team – are available for on-demand access at no charge.  You can weave the information into your website if you prefer, or direct your members to the Resources | Resources for Your Members section of the VMAE website.  Why not take a look to see all the resources available to your members through VMAE?