VMAE | Live! is all about connecting our special network for input, insight and inspiration while exploring association management and professional issue topics.

VMAE | Live! will convene on the third Thursday of each month, starting at 12:05 PM Mountain time (and concluding by 12:55 PM).  Each session will feature VMAE colleagues who will share their expertise or external subject matter experts who will provide their thoughts. There will be time for questions – and answers – as well as interactive polls to keep things focused, lively, and relevant to the interests of VMAE members.

The Why and How of Strategy for a VMA

Why is it useful for a veterinary medical association to undertake strategy development and action planning?  And how the heck does one do it (it sounds really hard, and expensive!)? This webinar, delivered by three experts on strategy development in the VMA setting, will cover:

  • The value of strategy
  • De-mystifying the strategy development process
  • Tips on making the case for strategy development with your board
  • How to avoid failure in the strategy development process
  • Translating your strategy into action plans
  • Keys to successful execution of the action plan
  • Resources to help you on the path to strategy development and action planning

Webinar participants will learn –

  • The value that strategy and a strategic management process can bring to any size organization
  • Key concepts around process inputs and outputs
  • How to ensure the successful implementation of the plan
  • Ways to offer strategic planning that can be self-facilitated
  • A new process for board work called Empathy-Based Personas

March Presenters

Lisa Perius

Indiana VMA

Lisa is Executive Director of the Indiana Veterinary Medical Association (IVMA), where she has worked since 1996. She is a graduate of Indiana University. As Executive Director of IVMA, she has overseen:

  • An expansion of member services that demonstrate association value
  • An increase in association members
  • An improved legislative presence
  • An update of the association governance structure
  • Yearly strategic goal review and assessment

She has been an active member of VMAE, serving as its president in 2002. Lisa is the current chair of the VMAE’s national Power of 10 leadership program. Her skill set in strategic planning and successful association management has led to the development of Strategy Vision 20-20 to assist organizations vision for the future. She and her husband of 33 years have two grown sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and a grandchild on the way!

Catherine Peskuski

American Veterinary Medical Association

Catherine Peskuski, MBA, serves as Director of Strategy for the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).  Ms. Peskuski’ s primary role with AVMA is to work with the CEO and Board of Directors to facilitate the annual planning process and strategy development. Since the implementation of a formal strategy management process, AVMA has achieved record growth and continues to expand member benefits and offer critical support to the veterinary profession. To be successful amid the challenges and complexities of working with a non-profit, Catherine relies on her experience as a key problem solver and strong communicator. She is performance driven and excels at facilitating diverse groups working through tough issues.

Catherine earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Northern Illinois University and Master of Business from the University of Colorado. She is a new member of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) where she is pursuing her Certificate of Association Executives (CAE).

Doug Raven

Ontario VMA

Doug Raven holds degrees from Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) and the University of Toronto, and has been the CEO of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) since 1998. During his tenure with OVMA, the association has doubled its membership and quadrupled its annual revenue through effective strategic management. In 2002, Doug spearheaded the creation of the Farley Foundation, a charitable organization that has raised over $7 million to assist over 10,000 low income pet owners to care for their pets. Doug is a longtime VMAE volunteer, and the only non-U.S. citizen to serve as the association’s President. In his spare time, he facilitates strategic planning for state, provincial and national associations across North America.

Future VMAE | Live! Sessions

March 19
The Why and How of Strategy for a VMA


  • Doug Raven
  • Lisa Perius
  • Catherine Peskuski

April 16
Helping Your Members Create Practice Cultures That Thrive


  • Karlene Belyea
  • Mike Cavanaugh
  • Jen Brandt

June 19
Veterinary Managers: Adding Value to Create Better Veterinary Practices


  • Christine Shupe, CAE
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