VMAE | Summit 2020
Partner Portal – AVMA Resources on Diversity and Inclusion

During these challenging times, veterinary professionals are looking for additional resources on combating racism and what diversity and inclusion means. We are developing several new resources, while taking steps to promote existing AVMA resources that can help in the interim. For example:

  • We are further promoting AVMA Axon’s Wellbeing Certificate program’s diversity module, which is free of charge.
  • We have made free of charge three existing Axon webinars which focus on advancing diversity and inclusion initiatives; unconscious bias; and marginalization and intersectionality.
  • We have developed an educational book list, curated by Dr. Jen Brandt, AVMA Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusion, which will soon be posted on AVMA.org, focusing on diversity, inclusion and racial justice.
  • The AVMA 2020 virtual Convention will feature two prominent African American thought leaders as keynote speakers.
  • The AVMA is reaching out to several multicultural associations to partner on various initiatives, such as online meetings featuring mental health, diversity and inclusion, and acute trauma response.
  • We are developing a brave space certification program in AVMA Axon with input from PRIDE VMC.