Veterinary Practice Growth Resources

VMAE is excited to introduce you to a new turnkey benefit that you can provide at no cost to your VMA members, Veterinary Practice Growth webinar series. These monthly webinars provide timely advice from experts about what creates a healthy veterinary practice. The VMAE Practice Health Committee has secured top-notch speakers for these monthly webinars. It’s a delight to share who we’ve lined up for the next few months:

  • April 21 with Clint Latham on cyber security in veterinary medicine
  • May 19 with Dr. Stacee Santi on client loyalty
  • June 16 with Philip J. Seibert on developing a hospital safety program

The above header graphic will be a consistent presence in the marketing materials available to you for publicizing the programs to your VMA members. For your social media channels, we’ll provide you the digital assets that you simply drop into your feed so it’s all under your brand. The assets position your VMA as the provider of high-quality content that is complimentary to your members.

Like the social media assets, you’ll get building blocks to drop into your email templates in MailChimp or whatever system you use. This is grab-and-go at its best!

You get the idea – top speakers, great insights, and valuable expertise free to your members.  The live webinar will be offered once and then be available for on-demand access by your members.

VMAE will further support you by handling the registration and confirmation process for individual attendees, and VMAE will host the on-demand webinars in a special section of the VMAE website so your members can readily access this library of content. Click here for the link to the recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Veterinary Practice Growth (VPG) speaker series?
VPG was created to provide timely advice from the industry’s top experts about what creates a healthy veterinary practice. The series was envisioned by the VMAE Practice Health Committee to make insights and perspectives from the experts available to any veterinary professional with an interest in practice growth – and who belongs to an organization represented in VMAE membership.

How will the series be delivered?
VMAE will host a Zoom webinar on the third Thursday each month, from 2:30 to 3:30 PM Eastern time, starting on November 18, 2021. Each session will be delivered as a live webinar that will be recorded for complimentary, on-demand access for one year. The recorded webinars will be available on the VMAE website at this URL within five days of the live program.

Is there any cost?
No – VPG is a new resource from VMAE that is free to your VMA and free to your members. Indeed, the experts have waived their speaking fees as a generous gesture with the understanding that veterinary professionals will be able to access their insights free of charge. All you must do is promote these free programs to your members, who gain exclusive access to the experts.

How will the VPG speaker series be marketed?
Each VMA that wishes to provide this benefit its members will market the programs to its members. VMAE has engaged a professional marketing firm to develop the marketing assets for VPG, and these turnkey digital assets are designed so you can drop them into your communication streams – just add your VMA logo to brand this as your offering to your members, and you’re good to go! You’ll find the digital assets below so you can download the material to publicize the programs in your email and social media channels.

How far in advance will the digital marketing assets be available to me?
The assets for the inaugural program in November are available now on the VMAE website, and the assets for the December program will be available in early October. Once we’re underway, VMAE will provide you the digital assets for three speakers at a time so you can promote a quarterly calendar of speakers. We’ll let you know when the materials for the upcoming quarter are posted to the website, with the goal of having these assets in your hands at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the quarter.

Do you have any tips on marketing VPG to my members?
Yes indeed, thanks to Christopher O’Toole and Dr. Peter Weinstein:

  • Chris (of created the VPG brand and materials, and he has also generated a tip sheet to guide you through how to utilize the VPG digital assets. He’s even included the RGB colors and font information so you can match the VPG branding as you include the assets in your various channels.
  • Peter is creating a brief video that will be available in early October to share best practices he has found useful when delivering more than 100 virtual programs to the members of the Southern California VMA. Hint: you just might hear Peter encouraging you to promote a program six times for best effect, including a final promotion the day of the program.

How will my VMA members register for the program?
Easy! VMAE has built the registration system as a service to you and your VMA. Simply provide this URL for the October webinar to your members and they’ll provide basic information to register for the program, after which they’ll receive a confirmation of their registration with a personalized link to the live webinar.

How will VMAE use the registration data?
Individuals who register will provide their name, primary VMA affiliation (from a drop-down list of organizations represented in VMAE membership), and an email address. This data will be used to enroll the individual in the webinar, email a confirmation to the individual, email a request to complete a brief evaluation form, and then generate an attendance report specific to the participating VMA. VMAE will not use the data for anything other than these purposes.

Do these programs qualify for CE credit?
It’s up to you to determine if the live and/or on-demand webinar format meets the specific requirements determined by your licensing board for continuing education credit. Following each program, VMAE will provide an attendance report to each VMA that itemizes the name and email address of each individual from that VMA who actually attended the webinar along with the volume of time the individual was on the webinar.

Marketing Tips
How to Use the Email Assets for Veterinary Practice Growth
Tips for Effectively Promoting Your Virtual Programs
Digital Assets

To download any of the image assets, click the links below and then right click on the image and choose Save As.

Core Assets

Logo Files
Color Codes
  • Blue: #2B83FD
  • Dark Blue: #004486
  • Orange: #F99B1C

Monthly Assets

October Webinar

**Please note the webinar is taking place on the 2nd Thursday of the month**

November Webinar

**Please note the webinar is taking place on the 2nd Thursday of the month**

December Webinar
April Webinar
April Webinar
April Webinar

Past Monthly Assets

April Webinar
May Webinar
June Webinar
July Webinar
August Webinar
September Webinar