Successful Associations Know When to Say No

VMAE | Live!
August 15, 2019
12:05-12:55 PM MTN

Perhaps Jason Fried, author and CEO of Basecamp, a software many associations use, put it best: “No is no to one thing. Yes is no to a lot things.”

Once an association says yes to an initiative, a range of resources immediately are no longer available for other programs or services.  Yet some associations lack a decision-making progress that applies appropriate rigor to the significant choice being made. In addition, some board cultures are highly resistant to sunsetting an existing program if the mention of doing so raises even the slightest resistance from members.

In this webinar, Jeffrey Cufaude will highlight a few of the key reasons why this needs to change and offer several practical and easy-to-apply decision-making tools that association staff and volunteer leaders can use better determine when to say yes or no to a new program, as well as determine whether an existing effort should be retired. Come prepared to engage as Jeffrey will invite you to respond to periodic polls and chat/Q&A opportunities throughout the conversation.


Jeffrey Cufaude

Idea Architects

Jeffrey is no stranger to veterinary association executives having twice presented at our fall conference, as well as speaking at several AVMA conferences and facilitating strategy conversations for individual veterinary associations.

A former association CEO and university student affairs staff member, Jeffrey has been a strategist, facilitator, and speaker for the association community for more than 20 years.  He also is an accomplished author with numerous articles on organizational development issues published in a variety of association publications including ASAE’s Associations Now.

The emphasis in all his work is helping individuals and organizations rethink their beliefs and behaviors in order to refresh their results.

Find Jeffrey on Twitter at @jc46202 where he regularly shares ideas and resources on innovation, strategy, leadership, and facilitation.