VMAE has partnered with Leanna Comer, of Comer Research Consultants, to develop a series of surveys for VMAE members. The Survey Task Force has completed the Member/Non-Member Needs Assessment Surveys for VMAs to use as templates for surveying their members and a Benchmarking and Best Practices Survey.

VMAE plans to provide the Benchmarking and Best Practices Survey every three years with the next survey being conducted in 2017. We hope that you will find these survey tools beneficial to you and your VMA and that the results help shape your VMA and move it forward to continued growth and success!

VMA Benchmarking Survey

Among the goals of the Survey Taskforce of VMAE was to conduct a survey among members to establish organizational benchmarks or best practices. Such information was seen as a valuable tool to enable each member to assess how his or her organization compares to peer organizations when it comes to association structure and operations. This survey will be conducted every three years

Benchmarking and Best Practices Survey Results
February 2014

Member/Non-member Needs Assessment

As you know, one of the key ways for identifying what members and non-members want is by ASKING! This is a critical part of ensuring our survival as VMAs and is one of the key elements to success according to ASAE resources such as Race for Relevance by Harrison Coerver and Mary Byers and The End of Membership as We Know It by Sarah Sladek.

Below are the member and non-member needs assessment tools developed by the VMAE Survey Taskforce as a member benefit for you as members of our great organization. There are a couple of ways to utilize these tools:

  • If you plan on using the tools by mailing them out to current and prospective members, you can revise and brand the attached Word Document templates according to your needs and individual VMA.
  • If you would like to distribute these electronically through your Survey Monkey account, send an email to and request the surveys be transferred to your Survey Monkey account for you to revise to your individual VMA needs, brand, and distribute. You must have or create a Survey Monkey account to utilize this option. Some things to keep in mind if utilizing this option:
    • You will need to personalize the survey with your association’s information. This needs to be done THROUGHOUT the survey. Instances were text need to be personalized appear inside brackets and are in all caps.
    • You may need to insert logic (or skips) based on the questions they select.
    • We did NOT require that ANY question be answered. You may want to select certain ones to be required so you would need to change this in the survey. This is especially true if you pick any question that would trigger a skip, because if you don’t require that it be answered, the logic you inserted won’t be applied if a member leaves it blank.
  • Helpful Hints for Successful Surveying – Leanna Comer, the marketing research consultant VMAE contracted to assist us with our survey initiatives this year, has developed a FAQ sheet of helpful hints to ensure your survey is successful. If you are interested in utilizing Leanna’s expertise in survey development or in the analysis of your survey, she can be contacted at

Member Needs Survey

Non-member Needs Survey

Survey Suggestions and Tips