The VMAE listserv, or email mailing list, is a great resource for our members to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. You can pose questions to the group about your association, projects, and situations, or respond to a question someone else has posted.

Please note, when you reply to a message posted on the listserv, you will be sending your reply to the entire group. If you only want to send your message to the original sender, please make sure their email address appears in the “To” line of your email.

Listserv email address:


Contributions to the listserv are automatically archived on the listserv server and can be easily searched. If you haven’t already, you will need to set a password to log in to view the archives. Need assistance?


What the listserv should provide

  • Opportunities to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group on a situation/project you are working on (e.g. Does your state allow for the corporate ownership of clinics?).
  • A chance to share commonly valuable information inexpensively and quickly (e.g. Information on the Fall Conference or VMAE meeting times and locations at the AVMA).

What the listserv should refrain from

  • Items whose principal premise is to promote an event which does not have an VMAE related component or a candidate for office in organized veterinary medicine.
  • Items that principally involve communications that are germane to just a few people.
  • Notices of employment opportunities (which per VMAE policy can be distributed to members by VMAE provided the required fee is paid ($100 for members and $350 non-members).
  • Items that essentially lobby fellow listserv members on an issue being debated within the veterinary profession.
  • Anything that involves subjects of an anti-trust nature.
  • Messages that contain information that is abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, or otherwise inappropriate that could be offensive to one or more members.

Listserv replies

  • You should reply to the listserv when the information you are sharing is something everyone can potentially benefit from (e.g. How your organization handles an issue which was posted as a question).
  • You should reply only to the individual asking the question when your response is confidential, has application to only the person asking, and/or is seeking to determine your attendance at a function.
  • When posting on the listserv please include an autosignature with your message or otherwise make sure your email address follows your name.

User agrees to refrain from posting information and/or participating in online discussions having antitrust implications, and that may lead to, whether expressed or implied, price fixing, boycotting of any industry, company or business, or any other conduct intended to illegally restrict free trade. Discussion of specific prices or fees that could lead to price fixing is prohibited.

Repeated abuse of the listserv guidelines may result in withdrawal of listserv privileges for the offending member.