JumpStart! Articles

Have you ever wished you could offer your members tips and advice on how to improve the management of their practices, but lacked the time, funding or expertise to do so?

Now you can, courtesy of VMAE. With the assistance of the Ontario VMA, a North American leader in the provision of practice management advice to veterinarians, VMAE is making a bank of practice management articles available to members for use on their websites, and in their newsletters and magazines.

The articles have been written by OVMA’s team of practice management experts, and provide practical advice on topics such as improving the client experience, attracting and retaining veterinary clients, increasing compliance, and enhancing the practice’s bottom line. Additional articles will be added quarterly.

VMA’s with current VMAE membership may make use of these articles for the benefit of their members courtesy of VMAE.

When using these articles please include Terra Shastri as the article’s author. You may also wish to include something along the following lines at the end of each article – “Terra Shastri is the article’s author. She is a practice management expert with over 25 years’ experience helping businesses improve both the client experience and the bottom line. VMAE is making available this article for its members.”

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