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Board Orientation
Executive Director Position Descriptions

The following position descriptions have been posted with permission of each VMA.

Executive Director Position Description #1

Executive Director Position Description #2

Executive Director Position Description – Iowa VMA

Executive Director Position Description – Indiana VMA

Member Recruitment Strategies

The Ontario VMA is sharing two flyers they send out instead of letters as part of their member recruitment process.

A few notes about why they work:

  1. We produce different flyers each year for practice owners and associates, because we know they don’t always value the same things.
  2. The top section injects some fun into the pitch to get people’s attention.
  3. The second section focused on the potential benefits (e.g. improved practice profitability, finding your dream job) of being a member, as opposed to just listing services.
  4. Halfway down the page we include a real member testimonial to demonstrate the value of membership.
  5. The next section outlines the savings that can be achieved through membership for those people who make decisions based on $, and the primary services we offer for those who need to know specifically what membership includes.
  6. Finally, we give them a variety of ways to join so that they can do so in the way that works best for them.  (If you’re wondering why there’s no online option, there is for member renewals, just not for new members, because we offer a range of membership options.)

Feel free to use any of the above that works for you.

Personnel Policy Manuals

The following personnel policies have been posted with permission of each VMA listed.

Please note, this is not legal advice and is for information purposes only. Associations should consult their legal counsel in developing individual policies that meet their state law requirements.


Colorado VMA

Illinois VMA 

Iowa VMA

Wisconsin VMA

Sample Employee Manual – Patterned after the AVMA

Record Retention Policies
Sample Agreements
Speaker Contracts

The following speaker contracts have been posted with permission of each VMA listed. We encourage other VMAs to share their VMA speaker contracts.

Indiana VMA

Kentucky VMA

Louisiana VMA

Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

Wisconsin VMA

State VMA Logo Map