Influence: The Biggest Challenge in Leadership

VMAE | Live!
January 16, 2020
12:05-12:55 PM MTN

As leaders grow within the organization, the most effective individuals understand how to use influence to drive changes in behavior rather than authority alone. The end result of leading with influence is a level of commitment rather than simply achieving compliance from those they lead and interact with. Commitment is more sustainable and creates a much higher level of employee engagement and business performance.

Influence is not about manipulation or coercion; change achieved using those tactics is not sustainable and people will quickly revert to previous behaviors because nothing shifts in their foundational thinking, only in their actions.

Influence is about helping others identify a more productive path to reach individual and organizational goals. It’s about becoming a leader they want to engage with as they continue to work towards growth, success, and progress.

Webinar participants will learn
Webinar participants will learn to expand their influence and use it to cause positive behavior changes within the organization. Participants will not only learn what causes influence to happen for them and why it matters, but they will also have a game plan for how to create more of it and what specific actions they need to take to increase their influence with their team, their peers, and their leaders in the organization.


Randy Hall


Randy Hall has worked with organizations of all sizes from Fortune 25 businesses to small and midsize organizations to help them effectively execute change, develop leaders, engage employees, and reach more of their potential. Randy serves as a consultant, coach, and facilitator to help companies create a culture that engages employees, dramatically improves results, and sustains growth.

He leverages his animal health, sales, sales management, and executive level experience to ensure that real-world results happen for his clients. He has created learning opportunities and leadership models that enable leaders and managers to build and sustain high-performing, fully engaged teams of people.

In 2009, Randy left corporate America to start his own company, 4th Gear Consulting, with the mission of guiding leaders as they learn how to lead fully accountable and engaged teams. If leaders can switch from the old-school authoritarian view of management to leadership that fosters employee’s commitment, businesses set themselves up for incredible, sustainable success.

In almost a decade of independently coaching organizations, Randy realized that his veterinary clients had challenges and frustrations that were unique to the profession, but fixable with the proper tools and strategies. In 2018, he partnered with Dr. Julie Reck to create Aspire, empowering veterinary professionals to transform their practice in ways they never thought possible and forever changing the future of veterinary medicine.