Animal Emergencies – What Have We Learned about the VMA’s Role?

VMAE | Live!
November 21, 2019
12:05-12:55 PM MTN

Our three presenters have first-hand experience in navigating the complex challenge of responding to animal emergencies.  In this edition of VMAE | Live! they will help VMA executives develop an understanding of how VMAs can be critical contributors before, during and after an emergency.  Join the conversation to learn more about:

  • What role can / should our VMA play in terms of connecting to the animal emergency management system?
  • What does that system look like – and at what stage might our VMA be involved in response, and on whose request?
  • Who are the partners and stakeholders we might interact with in both planning and response phases?
  • What types of resources might a VMA provide during an animal emergency?
  • What types of animal emergencies might VMAs be called on to support?
  • How does business continuity planning for veterinary clinics intersect with response capacity?
  • How can a VMA engage and educate its members in both proactive and reactive activities?
  • What does the information sharing system between VMAs look like (or what should it look like!) when one VMA is experiencing challenges – and other VMAs want to know about needs, conditions, and generally how to be supportive?



Chris Copeland, JD

Executive Director, Texas VMA

Warren Hess, DVM

Assistant Director, Division of Animal and Public Health, AVMA

Kim Pokorny, MS, MBA

Executive Director, Wisconsin VMA