Past Meeting Materials

2018 Fall Conference - Nashville, TN

Conference Brochure

Building a World Class Board – Jeff Arnold

The Art of Zen Leadership for Association Executives – Jeff Arnold

Advisory Board – Jeff Arnold

Facilitation Notes – Jeff Arnold

The Ontario VMA is sharing two flyers that were mentioned during the conference that they send out instead of letters as part of their member recruitment process.

2018 Summer Conference - Denver, CO
2018 ThinkWORKS - Houston, TX

Conference Brochure

Diversity and Inclusion: Putting our Oath in Action – Janet Donlin, DVM, CAE

Core Values, Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine – Lisa Greenhill, MPA, EdD

Intentional Organization D&I Efforts Assessment Tool – Lisa Greenhill, MPA, EdD

Roadmap for Success – Kauline Cipriani, PhD

Leaning into Strengths and Opportunities – Kim D’Abreu, MPH

D&I Action Plan Document – Kim D’Abreu, MPH (coming soon)

LGVMA Advocacy Impact – Melinda Merck, DVM

2017 Fall Conference - Sonoma, CA
2017 Summer Conference - Indianapolis, IN

Conference Brochure

Dean Eleanor M. Green, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP

2016 Summer Conference - San Antonio, TX
2016 ThinkWORKS - New Orleans, LA

Conference Brochure

Insights and Appetites: The Relentless Evolution of Veterinary Medical Service Delivery, and the Profession’s Capacity to Embrace New Models

2015 Fall Conference - Portland, OR
2015 Summer Conference - Boston, MA
2015 ThinkWORKS - Minneapolis, MN
2014 Summer Conference - Denver, CO
2014 ThinkWORKS - San Antonio, TX
2013 ThinkWORKS - Denver, CO
2012 Fall Conference - Delray Beach, FL

Conference Brochure

Syncing Value + Cost: The Secret to Pricing Membership, Programs, and Products

Presenter: Sheri Jacobs

Turning the Tides on Communications to Benefit You and Your Organization (very large file – 21 MB)
Presenter: Catherine Haskins and Eric McKeeby