Past Meeting Materials

2018 Summer Conference - Denver, CO
2018 ThinkWORKS - Houston, TX

Diversity and Inclusion: Putting our Oath in Action – Janet Donlin, DVM, CAE

Core Values, Diversity and Inclusion in Veterinary Medicine – Lisa Greenhill, MPA, EdD

Intentional Organization D&I Efforts Assessment Tool – Lisa Greenhill, MPA, EdD

Roadmap for Success – Kauline Cipriani, PhD

Leaning into Strengths and Opportunities – Kim D’Abreu, MPH

D&I Action Plan Document – Kim D’Abreu, MPH (coming soon)

LGVMA Advocacy Impact – Melinda Merck, DVM

2017 Fall Conference - Sonoma, CA
2017 Summer Conference - Indianapolis, IN

Dean Eleanor M. Green, DVM, DACVIM, DABVP

2016 Summer Conference - San Antonio, TX

The Nitty-Gritty of Stimulating Health and Excellence in Veterinarians
Presented by: Dr. Elizabeth Strand

Climbing Mountain of Debt
Presented by: Dr Tony Bartels

2016 ThinkWORKS - New Orleans, LA

Insights and Appetities: The Relentless Evolution of Veterinary Medical Service Delivery, and the Profession’s Capacity to Embrace New Models

2015 Fall Conference - Portland, OR
2015 Summer Conference - Boston, MA
2015 ThinkWORKS - Minneapolis, MN

Marketing Eco System

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Presenter:  Kelly Baltzell, Beyond Indigo

2014 Summer Conference - Denver, CO
2014 ThinkWORKS - San Antonio, TX
2013 ThinkWORKS - Denver, CO
2012 Fall Conference - Delray Beach, FL

Syncing Value + Cost: The Secret to Pricing Membership, Programs, and Products

Presenter: Sheri Jacobs

Turning the Tides on Communications to Benefit You and Your Organization (very large file – 21 MB)
Presenter: Catherine Haskins and Eric McKeeby