VMAE has a new resource for you to connect your members with professional and personal leadership and business development content through curated articles from trusted sources. GENUS is our new weekly digital newsletter designed for your VMA to present to your members. VMAE’s iconic Power of 10 program has had a significant impact in developing leadership skills to small groups for over 10 years. GENUS is a tool designed to spread that benefit to a larger audience through digital means (while continuing to support a robust Pof10 program as well).

There are four options available to embrace GENUS in a way that fits your organization and budget.

We have partnered with, a leading platform in this space. One of the many attractive features of their system is the ability to personalize content to individuals’ interests with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Many leading associations and corporations use this platform.

Please review the GENUS landing page. In addition, you may book a one on-one one meeting with Molly Phayer, Manager of Customer Success, at this link.

Several VMAs currently subscribe to GENUS. You may sign up your VMA to receive GENUS by contacting Tesha Hoff, Upon request, we will be glad to send a sample of one of the GENUS newsletters for your review in advance. Please note that because of the personalization of content, each newsletter will vary so a sample will give the look and feel of the newsletter and provide an idea of content.

We hope you will take advantage of this latest member benefit developed by VMAE to support you and your members.