NAVTA Releases Report on Title Protection

A new report by the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) shows a vast majority of veterinary technicians want their title of “Veterinary Technician” to be protected by law, but most states do not provide such protection. The report, available here, shows that 31 states and jurisdictions have no title protection for “Veterinary Technician” within their veterinary practice acts, while another 10 states have limited title protection.

“The veterinary technician profession has long been challenged by a lack of cohesion and standards in the United States,” said NAVTA President Ashli Selke, CVT.  “As a result, the title of ‘Veterinary Technician’ is used inconsistently and, often times, incorrectly, and suffers from a lack of clarity and understanding, both within the veterinary world and among consumers.”

The report provides recommendations for legislatures and regulatory agencies, academic institutions, veterinary medical and technician associations, veterinary practices, and others.