AAVMC Focus: Creating a Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Veterinary Medical Community

Society is reckoning like never before with a history of racial injustice and a culture of systemic racism. And veterinary medicine finds itself at the vortex of that movement. Once termed “the whitest profession” in a major national magazine article, the profession is taking a hard look at how it can truly become more diverse, inclusive and equitable.  Fortunately, the AAVMC has long embraced this mantle of responsibility. Records show the AAVMC was working in this area as far back as the 1970s. In 2005, the AAVMC introduced its pioneering and acclaimed “DiVersity Matters” program. And the AAVMC continues to lead. This edition of Focus takes a look at some of AAVMC’s current efforts and outcomesRead more.