VMAE Welcomes UPbook Partnership

UPbook has become a Bronze-level Strategic Initiative Partner, and VMAE welcomes them to our community and expresses gratitude for their support!  

“Too often a practices front desk is their number one vulnerability and UPbook is on a mission to reverse this.  Our goal is to turn practice phones and the people answering them into key drivers of their revenue and success” stated Dr. Michael Warren, CEO of UPbook.  Warren explains “Our veterinary-specific front desk optimization platform was designed to help practices monitor customer service, improve workflow, convert and retain more clients, and enjoy a happier more rewarded team – all the while allowing the owner to save 100% of their phone bill which they can immediately cancel.  UPbook’s VOIP phone system is a gamechanger in the industry, and our ‘turn callers into clients’ dashboard finally gives managers and owners total transparency into what is happening with their greatest leverage point – their front desk. The UPbook dashboard monitors CSR performance and creates accountability but also gives the front desk team more motivation to excel…so everyone wins. And our system includes a robust telemedicine app, plus conversational texting and other exciting cutting-edge features are being developed right now at no additional cost.”  

To discover how UPbook can help your VMA members, visit www.upbook.com. You are also enthusiastically invited to book a chat with one of the team’s key members, Melani Seymour, who is a senior practice growth strategist with UPbook.  Feel free to call 800.469.1871×309 or email Melani at mseymour@upbook.com

Thanks, UPbook, for your partnership and for your commitment to the success of veterinary practices.