Value of Hospital Managers with Christine Shupe on VMAE | Live!

Christine Shupe, CAE – executive director of the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association and a member of the VMAE Board of Directors – deeply understands the value that hospital managers bring to veterinary practice.  In the Thursday, October 15, 2020 edition of VMAE | Live! (held from 12:05-12:55 PM Mountain time) Christine will share observations to help VMA executives:

  • Understand how veterinary managers propel practice success
  • Discuss the use of veterinary managers with your VMA members
  • Understand labor market dynamics for veterinary managers
  • Utilize VHMA resources (available to you at no charge) to assist your members in creating better veterinary practices

You can view full program details and register here for this complimentary program for VMAE members.  Join Christine for a dynamic and interactive session that will help you better support YOUR members.  Register today!