New Board Installed, Bylaws Amended During Annual Member Meeting

During VMAE’s annual member meeting, held virtually on August 27, 2020, two significant matters were considered, and both were approved unanimously:

  • Slate of nominees for officers and directors.  You can view the new Board of Directors here; their terms began at the conclusion of the annual member meeting.  VMAE congratulates each director on being elected to the board, and thanks them for their willingness to serve VMAE.
  • Bylaws amendments.  You can view the newly approved version of the bylaws here, which incorporate various changes that were presented to members in digital form prior to the meeting in accordance with bylaws requirements.  Key changes included the following:
    • Chapter I, Membership – Creates categories of Retired and Sustaining membership, for individuals who were VMAE members but have retired from professional life and are no longer receiving compensation (i.e. Retired membership) or no longer qualify for VMAE Organizational or Individual membership and are receiving compensation for professional activity (i.e. Sustaining membership).  This section also clarifies the definition of an eligible veterinary medical association (which is moved from Section 4 to Section 9 of this chapter).
    • Chapter III, Meetings – Clarifies quorum and voting rights, and provides for electronic balloting.
    • Chapter IV, Officers – Provides for electronic balloting, and updates language to provide for “retaining” staff to allow for employed or contracted services.
    • Chapter V, Board – Provides requirements for electronic meetings, reflects the clarification (above) about retaining staff, and provides the unanimous consent mechanism to allow board action without a meeting.
    • Chapter VI, Elections – Provides for electronic voting.
    • Chapter VII, Committees – Updates the terminology from Nominating Committee to Governance Committee, which aligns current VMAE practice and committee charge with the bylaws.
    • Chapter VIII, Amendments – Clarifies quorum requirements, and provides for electronic balloting.
    • Chapter IX, Indemnification – Updates this clause to comport with Idaho law.
    • Chapter XI, Applicable Law – Incorporates reference to the Idaho Nonprofit Corporation Act.

If you couldn’t join the virtual meeting you can view a recording of the annual member meeting and awards celebration here.