AVMA Economic Summit Will Explore the Latest Economic Trends Impacting Veterinary Medicine

The AVMA Economic Summit is the meeting for veterinary professionals and stakeholders who want to understand, influence, and improve the economic future of the veterinary profession. This year’s event will take place entirely online October 26-28, making it easier than ever before to participate. Come away with a deeper understanding of where the profession is headed and strategies to help members thrive in today’s veterinary landscape.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Examine the effects of COVID-19 and what’s needed for veterinarians to thrive in the post-pandemic world.
  • Discover what drives clients’ perceptions of value and how practices can incorporate this in their pricing strategies.
  • Learn how to make your organization’s communication efforts more effective.
  • Explore how the profession’s thought leaders can come together to accelerate advancement.

A virtual event means that for the first time, you can attend the AVMA Economic Summit without the added cost or time commitment needed for travel. The only time spent away from your work is your actual time spent in CE sessions and networking events. Learn more and register at avma.org/EconSummit.