Virox COVID-19 Informational Webinar



March 16, 2020

Oakville, ON: Due to the announcement of the global COVID-19 pandemic by the World Health Organization, Virox Animal Health™ has organized an educational webinar featuring top infection prevention and epidemiology experts. The webinar is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 19th at 2:00pm Eastern Time, developed and presented by Jason W. Stull, VMD, MPVM, PhD Diplomate ACVPM and J. Scott Weese, DVM DVSc DipACVIM.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has already proven challenging for all of us – both personally and professionally.” said Dr. Jason Stull, presenter and Associate Professor in veterinary medicine at The Ohio State University and Atlantic Veterinary College. “Misinformation as well as lack of information and guidance further challenge our ability to appropriately respond and prepare for this disease. This talk aims to break down what we do and do not know about human and animal aspects of COVID-19, accompanied by tailored options we can immediately put into place, so that each of us can make balanced risk-benefit decisions with this crisis.”
The 1-hour webinar, titled Coronavirus (COVID-19) in veterinary and animal group settings: Protecting people and animals will be free, funded by Virox. Attendance will be limited to 5000 participants, however, the session will be recorded and shared, along with a resource information kit, following the webinar to all registrants.

“Virox has been a resource to healthcare communities since its inception in 1998” said Nicole Kenny, Vice President of Professional and Technical Services at Virox. “Unfortunately, this is somewhat familiar territory. We helped to guide Toronto through the SARS epidemic in 2003, and we continue to offer our resources to all healthcare professionals throughout this difficult and uncertain time.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) in veterinary and animal group settings:
Protecting people and animals

Thursday, March 19, 2020 – 2:00pm Eastern Time
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Webinar description: Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently sweeping the globe with many people currently sick with the disease. The virus is quickly spreading within areas and moving to new locations. The World Health Organization has recently classified the situation as a pandemic. To-date, COVID-19 appears to be transmitted predominately person-to-person, however there are many questions about what those working in companion animal care and similar settings (e.g., veterinary practices, doggie day care, shelters, boarding facilities) should do to
prevent illness in staff and address related animal/patient concerns. This talk will provide a brief summary of the current COVID-19 status in people and animals, along with specific suggestions for protecting the health of people and animals in veterinary and animal care group settings.
Virox Animal Health™, a division of Virox Technologies Inc.™, has taken a Deliberately Different™ approach to infection control and biosecurity in the animal health industry, by providing disinfectants that are faster, cleaner, responsible, sustainable and compatible. Through its patented, state-of-the-art, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® technology, Virox believes “Together we can improve human and animal health by breaking the chain of infection before it starts.”

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