VMAE Releases Educational Debt Playbook for VMAs

VMAE Releases Educational Debt Playbook for VMAs

The veterinary educational debt crisis is a complex and far-reaching problem that impacts the entire veterinary profession.  The problem requires solutions from all areas of the profession – including veterinary organizations that serve as conduits to relay debt-related information to members and act as innovative problem solvers.

Accordingly, VMAE compiled a step-by-step playbook to assist veterinary medical associations in developing and incorporating educational debt strategies into their overall strategic framework.  The playbook lives on the VMAE website with sections to address:

  • Make It Strategic!
  • Educational Opportunities
  • Funding Opportunities
  • Financial Counseling Opportunities
  • Advocacy Opportunities

The playbook was announced at the AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference in two sessions.  The “Beyond Dollars and Cents: Leadership in Student Debt Strategies” session featured VMAE members discussing support associations can provide with examples of initiatives presented by Candace Joy (executive director of the Washington State VMA) and Jack Advent, CAE (executive director of the Ohio VMA) along with playbook highlights presented by Ralph Johnson (CEO of VMAE).  Additionally, the playbook was released to VMAE members during the VMAE membership luncheon.

The playbook and the conference session are the subject of a March 1, 2020 JAVMA article titled “Taking steps against educational debt.”  A recording of the session will be posted soon to the online playbook.  As noted in the article, Ralph Johnson commented that “We all own this problem – as VMAs, we must act.”  The playbook is designed with that opportunity, and responsibility, in mind.

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