New Resource from VDI Gets the Scoop on Student Tuition

Educational debt is on everyone’s mind these days—students, veterinarians, parents, deans, veterinary industry leaders, policymakers. If you mention it to a colleague, coworker or classmate, you may learn they, too, struggle under its burden. But veterinary medicine is not the only profession struggling with the magnitude of educational debt. Across general higher education, students are confronting the challenges of student debt.

The good news: VDI is here to help.

The Veterinary Debt Initiative (VDI) is led by three organizations: the American Veterinary Medical Association, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges and the Veterinary Medical Association Executives. VDI’s vision is that all veterinarians thrive in rewarding and financially sustainable careers. To get there, the VDI is disseminating facts, continuing targeted advocacy efforts and providing access to valuable resources. What’s The Story Behind Tuition is the latest resource from VDI to help students make informed decisions that will assist them in successfully navigating their careers.

What’s the Story Behind Tuition answers many questions students have about veterinary college tuition. It explains that veterinary college deans and administrators have relatively little control over tuition rates and that one of the biggest reasons for tuition increases is the decline in public support from state and local governments. VDI organizations play a lead role in advocating at the state and federal level to ensure the veterinary profession’s financial needs are heard and represented in policymaking. Use the information in What’s the Story Behind Tuition to harness your advocacy efforts and help shape public policy on student debt.

Educational debt does not need to stand in the way of a financially rewarding career. VDI is committed to advancing strategies to help veterinarians pursue a lifetime of financial success and a career that is personally and professionally fulfilling. For tools and resources on educational debt and ways to add your voice, go to the VDI website at