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Jim Cramer shuffles his ‘Humanization of Pets ETF’ — ‘It’s paid off in 2019’

CNBC’s Jim Cramer, who hosts Mad Money, says “The humanization of pets has been a fabulous secular growth story – one that’s really paid off in 2019.”  He recently rebalanced his “Humanization of Pets ETF” (ETF = Exchange Traded Funds) and says “I bet it can keep going higher.”  Check out this brief video – you’re already familiar with many of his picks.  Source: Dr. Jane Brunt (thanks, Jane!).


ASAE Asks: What’s Next in Association Learning?

In a special edition of Associations Now Daily News, ASAE opined “Whether designing educational experiences for members or tending to their own career growth, association professionals need to be master of lifelong learning – at a time when demand for new formats and more varied options is higher than ever.”  To expand on that view, ASAE re-published an article by Allison Torres Burtka (from December 1, 2017) that explores evidence-based education, education strategy, and decisive data – specifically in the association context.  Read more hereSource: Associations Now Daily News 06/29/19.