VMAE Supports Pride VMC and WorldPride NYC

Pride Veterinary Medical Community (Pride VMC) is partnering with VMAE and an array of veterinary associations and industry partners to embrace diversity and inclusion in the veterinary community. A capacity contingent of 400 veterinary community members will march in the parade on June 30th for World Pride 2019 in New York City, where some 4-5 million are expected to participate or observe.

Having the veterinary profession represented on the world stage is a unique and rare opportunity. Part of Pride VMC’s mission is to foster acceptance and inclusivity, and in that spirit it has taken the lead in organizing veterinary community support WorldPride NYC and coordinating the individuals to march together and unite in pride for the LGBTQ+ Veterinary Medical Community. VMAE is supporting World Pride 2019 as to underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion in the veterinary community.