Exploring the Cost of a Veterinary Medical Education

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges has developed this Cost Comparison Tool to help prospective students further develop a financial plan for veterinary school.

Data is presented from all 30 US colleges and 12 Canadian and International colleges. The visualization presents the total cost of attendance (tuition, living expenses, and loan interest accumulation) for 2019 graduates. It includes data about whether students can establish residency for the purpose of playing discounted tuition and the average scholarship awards made to DVM students at each college.

The visualization was expanded this year to include the total costs for the DVM degree to 2019 graduates and median debt levels for 2018 graduates. Efforts to increase visibility were also made by enlarging individual school “pop out” information on the map page, each of which provides a synopsis of data presented throughout the visualization. A separate tab with data on 2018-2019 first year tuition costs is also new this year. This tab allows users to get a single year view of tuition and project out estimated total costs for new students.

Three tabs include sliders that allow users to filter the data by tuition costs, total costs and percentage of students receiving scholarship aid from the colleges.