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Reach Members on the Air with Podcasts
Tim Ebner writes that podcasts are growing in popularity right now, and it could be a medium ripe for associations to recruit, retain, and engage members. Read more here.
Source: Associations Now Daily 3/20/19

Reinventing Association Governance
Nick Marzano shares his thoughts following the second annual Association Charrette to explore key challenges facing the association management profession’s present and future.  One of the three issues identified was governance, which Marzano says “often gets short shrift relative to the impact it could have on strategy and member engagement.”  He asserts “We should challenge directors to adopt a duty of foresight, focus on the essential outcomes of governing, and champion diversity.”  He asks “What about the current system causes so many boards to bend toward the short-term goals of governance?” and in answering that question says the “Duty of care, loyal, and obedience are all linked to fiduciary obligations – they are designed to promote oversight, not foresight.”  When commenting on the duty of co-creation Marzno posits “Participation, belonging, and identity are core services of associations. As we strive to keep up with for-profit giants of innovation, we should also protect what sets us apart.”  To read more of this insightful, thoughtful essay click here.
Source: Association Online 3/19/19

The only metric of success that really matters is the one we ignore
In a deeply personal article, Jenny Anderson reflects on the meaning of community, loneliness, and choosing happiness.  She writes “I used to think that community was as simple as having friends who bring a lasagna when things fall apart and champagne when things go well. Who pick up your kids from school when you can’t. But I think community is also an insurance policy against life’s cruelty; a kind of immunity against loss and disappointment and rage. My community will be here for my family if I cannot be.”  Can veterinary medical associations embody this deep spirit of community?  Isn’t this akin to providing the “participation, belonging and identity” that Marzano (above) suggests are core services?  Thanks to Dr. Betsy Charles for bringing this article to light.
Source: Quartz 3/12/19