VMAE Professional Development Programs – Designed for YOU!

A core component of VMAE’s mission is to provide compelling learning opportunities that stimulate VMA executives, provide thought leadership, and foster peer-to-peer sharing of exptertise. Thanks to the Professional Development Committee and its ThinkWORKS Program Committee, VMAE’s educational offerings for 2019 are game changers in professional development. Save the dates and read more about our upcoming conferences.

  • VMAE | ThinkWORKS 2019 – San Francisco, April 11-13. The single-topic, deep-dive, think-tank format distinguishes ThinkWORKS.  The 2019 program is focused on the future of learning – with an emphasis on how technology can support learning, and just where our associations might be expected to go in utilizing learning technologies.We’ll have two guides on this journey at ThinkWORKS – first, a day-long visit and lab exercises with Elliott Masie. Google him. He’s amazing, and we are beyond fortunate to engage him.The second guide, actually a team of guides, will be from Colorado State University, helping us understand how technology such as 3D imaging is being used in the curriculum with doctors of both human and veterinary medicine – plus we’ll get to don the VR goggles and experience floating cadavers in virtual reality.

    If the future of educational programming at your association, and all the expectations that digital natives will bring to our programs, is on your mind then you won’t want to miss ThinkWORKS.


  • VMAE | Summer Conference – August 3, Washington DC. Under the of CHANGE!, the morning session takes A Meta View: The Evolving Ecosystem of Veterinary Medicine. The veterinary ecosystem is rapidly evolving as specialization, consolidation, technology, policy and an array of additional influences are creating a more complex, sophisticated environment in which veterinarians must function. This session will look at issues not by asking what’s wrong or who’s to blame, but rather by seeking to understand the issues, the implications, and the meaning of these changes.The afternoon session presents A Podcasting Learning Lab – Through the Lens of Change Management. Learn the basics of podcasting – then experience a hands-on podcasting production lab where teams will create real-time podcasts (and compete for a grand prize!). The learning lab will be coupled with commentary on the essentials of change management and how VMA executives can utilize change management principles to attain desired outcomes with teams, members, and volunteer leaders.


  • VMAE | Fall Conference 2019 – Santa Fe, October 24-26. Jeffrey Cufaude – speaker, author, facilitator extraordinaire, and principal of Idea Architects – will be with us to share his insights on topics ranging from design thinking to saying no. Coupled with the spectacular destination of Santa Fe, plus delicious dining and engaging group activities, you’ll want to reserve these dates on your calendar for an exceptional learning experience.