Brain Food

How CEOs Can Help Make Boards Strategic
Disrupting the pathway to board service has complicated boards’ understanding of strategy. That’s created a leadership gap that CEOs are well-equipped to fill. Read More
Source: Associations Now Daily 2/11/19

What Makes Young Members Tick?
A new benchmarking study focuses on young professionals’ views on membership. While many from the Gen Z and millennial generations decide to join associations, they’re skeptical about the value and benefits that membership brings. That’s a challenge associations will need to overcome. Read More
Source: Associations Now Daily 2/13/19

What Women and Men Value as Attendees
New research shows that women and men value different things when they attend exhibitions and conferences. Associations can benefit from those differences if they’re thoughtful about it. Read More
Source: Associations Now Daily 2/22/19

Put Members in the Spotlight as Event Storytellers
When members gather at conferences, you have a big opportunity to collect their stories to showcase the people who make up your community. Some specific tools, distribution channels, and strategies will help you put them in the spotlight. Read More
Source: Associations Now Daily 2/27/19

What does the association of the future look like?
This infographic developed by the Colorado Society of Association Executives provides a succinct overview of data points and factors impacting associations. Read More
Source: CSAE Executive Memo, fall 2018