Power of Ten Continues to Grow

VMAE’s signature program, the Power of Ten (P10), has expanded with four VMAs enrolling or graduating their first class. Congratulations to the Arkansas VMA, Kansas VMA, New York State VMS, and South Dakota VMA for joining 32 other VMAs that are deeply engaging and impacting recent veterinary graduates.

Stephanie Quirini, communications director at the New York State VMS, commented about the successful launch of their P10 program, saying “I just wanted to share with you that NYSVMS graduated our first Power of 10 class last week (5 are pictured, 2 are not). The participants loved their experience and felt it was very valuable. They each received a certificate, along with a Power of 10 pin I had designed for them and the Vets Against Insanity card game. And we have 10 participants for 2019 from 8 different regions so we are off and running!”


Pictured (left to right): Joe D’Abbraccio, DVM, Robin Sturtz, DVM, Surinder Wadyal, DVM, President, NYSVMS, Stephanie Quirini, Communications Director, Amanda Schepis, DVM, Elizabeth Berliner, DVM and Stephanie Janeczko, DVM with their Power of 10 graduation certificates. Not pictured: Yvonne Kline, DVM and Lindsay Thorson, DVM. Photo by: Tim Atkinson, Executive Director.