PNA Enhancing Tools for Teams

VMAE is a Member Organization of the Pet Nutrition Alliance (PNA), which recently released its annual report to detail “new and innovative projects in 2018 to develop non-branded tools for the veterinary healthcare team that will help them and their clients make more objective decisions and nutrition recommendations for their patients.”

PNA announced that its Manufacturer Information Project is well underway.  With the aid of veterinary students, PNA has requested information on key World Small Animal Veterinary Association recommendations (e.g. do they employ a nutritionist, do they have their own manufacturing plants) from all US pet food manufacturers.  Results will be posted on the PNA website  as a resource for veterinary healthcare teams to help their clients make more objective decisions about pet food.

PNA also signed in 2018 a collaboration agreement with a highly respected product testing organization to analyze pet food and develop an authoritative and evidence-based resource to assist veterinary healthcare teams in making pet foods recommendations.  VMAE will update members on this development as soon as the non-disclosure agreement is lifted.

Ralph Johnson, CEO | VMAE