Brain Teasers

Here’s a collection of commentary that I’ve found thought-worthy of late, just in case your feet are up and you’re taking a few minutes for reflection:

How the Member Experience Shapes the Association Space
Produced by software provider MemberSuite, this webinar encourages us to think about segmentation, personalization and the member journey – in contrast to the traditional approach of member benefits.  The session was originally delivered to an overflow audience at the ASAE annual conference in August.

Our Relationship with Online Video Is Changing
Recent research from Pew notes that online video, particularly on YouTube, is increasingly becoming a key way that the public informs itself. An embrace of online video could offer a potential opportunity for associations to stand out. Read this perspective by Ernie Smith that appeared in Associations Now Daily News on November 13, 2018.

Award-winning Video PSAs from The Association for Animal Welfare Advancement
Most years I’m able to attend the annual conference of AAWA, which presents an award (well, think dog bowl on a stand!) for the best video PSAs produced by animal welfare organizations.  Sometimes they’re hilarious, sometimes they bring tears – but they consistently creative in showcasing effective communications from our collaborators at animal welfare organizations.  Take a look at the 2018 award winning PSAs here.

Want to Be a Better Leader? Do These 10 Things
Leaders come with all kinds of strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of yours, here are some things that you can do to become a better leader according to James Kerr in Inc. Magazine online.

Member Visits Are the Way
Eric Lanke, who describes himself as “association executive, constant reader, and occasional author,” wrote in his November 19 blog about a stunningly insightful question from a board candidate – and Eric’s response on the value of member visits.  Source: 11/20/18

Smaller can be better newsletter: of Tractors and Books
Mark Hafen describes himself as “a one-man design firm that will specialize only in producing outstanding veterinary hospital floor plans, mainly for small veterinary projects.”  His blog frequently engages me, as did this one.  Read it here.

Ralph Johnson, CEO | VMAE