AAVMC Diversity and Inclusion on Air Podcast Exceeding Goals

The audience for the AAVMC’s Diversity and Inclusion on Air podcast, hosted by Senior Director of Institutional Research and Diversity Dr. Lisa Greenhill, is growing dramatically. Greenhill’s goal was to double the number of “listens” for the podcast from about 250 to 500 a month. In November 2018, the show was on track to hit 800 listens, far surpassing her goal. “For a small association podcast, these are great numbers!” she said.

The AAVMC launched the podcast in the fall of 2015. It features conversations about diversity, inclusion and veterinary medicine and covers a wide range of topics with guests from across the veterinary profession. Some recent developments are:

  • The Use of Pronouns has been heard more than 200 times since its release last month.
  • A recent episode on Generation Z had more than 160 spins after just 14 days.
  • All 42 posted shows have been heard at least two times in the last month (binge listeners!).
  • Eighty percent of listens have occurred within the US, but the show has been heard in 29 countries in the last month including Canada, the UK, Turkey, China, Australia, the Netherlands, Japan and Mexico.
  • The most popular episode is one on PRIDE VMC (formerly LGVMA) featuring Dr. Melinda Merck.

Greenhill recently taped a show on Minority Men in Veterinary Medicine, now available on YouTube,  that will be released on Soundcloud after the New Year.  See a list of episodes here.

Ralph Johnson, CEO | VMAE

Source: AAVMC VET-MED Educator, December 2018