Sponsored Sessions Available on Exit Strategies

The VMAE Board of Directors met recently with Dr. Link Welborn, President of Veterinary Study Groups (VSG), and agreed that VMAE members should be apprised that Veterinary Management Groups and Zoetis are inviting veterinary medical associations to schedule a sponsored educational session on exit strategies. The presentation, which can range from 50-120 minutes depending on the preference of the conference, is focused on (1) reviewing strategies, including pros and cons, that can be utilized in selling a practice and (2) key factors involved in maximizing the value of the practice. The sessions are most applicable for practice owners in any segment of practice that plan to transition out of practice in the next ten years. Titled “Define Your Future: How to transition your practice and optimize your wealth” the presentation segments include Plan Your Future, Think Beyond Consolidation, The Big 4 Cornerstones of Negotiation, and Optimize Practice Value. Sponsored session opportunities are available in both 2018 and 2019; those interested should contact Dr. Link Welborn at 813.340.0521 or linktpa@aol.com.