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Study: Members Want More Learning Opportunities
A new report from the software provider Community Brands suggests that most association members are joining because of education and career opportunities, rather than out of a sense of professional responsibility. Read More
From Associations Now Online 9/4/18

Is It Time for a New Learning Format?
By Samantha Whitehorne
While panel presentations, lectures, and small-group discussions are staples at conferences, associations that switch things up and introduce new formats can better engage attendees and appeal to different learning styles. Read More
From The Money & Business Topic Blog – Associations Now Online 8/31/18

Avoid the Pitfalls of Change Management
By Mark Athitakis
At #ASAE18, leaders spoke openly about the numerous challenges of leading through change. Communication, candor, and a party or two can help. Read More
From The Leadership Topic Blog – Associations Now Online 8/27/18