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Several authors have caught my attention recently with their commentary on a range of topics pertinent to VMA executives.  Here are a few items to engage some reflective brain time!

Is Career Stage the Key to Member Acquisition?
The American Nurses Association is a big-tent organization that has seen new-member growth for several consecutive years—largely due to a new framework that groups members into smaller segments defined by their career stage. Here’s how it works. Read More
Associations Now online 8/1/18

Why Innovation Is an All-Staff Effort
Even small associations are complicated entities, which is part of why they resist change. But diverse groups that remember the organization’s core mission can keep it from getting stale. Read More
Associations Now online 6/25/18

The Smart Way to Take a Risk
Failures are inevitable. But, as former Kickstarter CEO Yancey Strickler explains, taking a few chances is essential for an organization’s survival. Read More
Associations Now online 6/18/18

Board diversity is the responsibility of all nonprofit leaders
Board and leadership diversity should be a priority for all nonprofits, especially because it can be difficult for organizations with predominantly white leaders to connect with the communities they aim to serve, say Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Frances Kunreuther, co-directors of the Building Movement Project. Boards that are mostly white often fail to help people of color reach the top tiers of organizations, a BMP report shows.
PublicSource (Pittsburgh)
BoardSource SmartBrief 7/31/18

Ralph Johnson, CEO | VMAE