BRAD = Biomedical Research Awareness Day on April 19

The VMAE Board of Directors would like to make you aware of Biomedical Research Awareness Day (BRAD), to be held on April 19.  Sponsored by Americans for Medical Progress (AMP), BRAD is a day to honor, raise awareness of, and pledge support for animals needed for biomedical research. AMP states the “why” of BRAD as follows: “To educate people about the vital role animals play in the development of new treatments and cures for people and animals, highlight careers in laboratory animal medicine and biomedical research, and promote support for the compassionate care of animals needed for research.” An array of BRAD information resources is available in two Dropbox folders. The BRAD Overview folder provides an overview of the event and message, a PDF with a variety of Facebook posts from the 2017 event so you can see how BRAD was celebrated, and two articles about BRAD. The BRAD Content folder includes informational handouts, activities, and posters (for placement in your VMA’s communication channels).

The American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM) has indicated its support for BRAD, and should you wish to highlight career opportunities in laboratory animal medicine and research ACLAM has developed this brief overview of career opportunities for use by VMAs. AVMA will also be sharing information about the BRAD initiative. The veterinary medical college in your area may have BRAD events planned for April 19 as an additional highlight item in your communications.