VMAE Members to Discuss the Veterinary Nurse Initiative

You’re invited to a members-only online event, powered by The Bridge Club (TBC), at Noon Central Daylight Time on Friday, March 30 to discuss the Veterinary Nurse Initiative.  To register for the event click here.

Typically, TBC invites special hosts to engage participants in a 25-minute conversation on a topic like telemedicine, pet insurance or career development. But for VMAE, they have offered to host a complimentary, hour-long dialog session. TBC will use their unique approach and video-event platform to bring Ken Yagi and Heather Prendergast together with VMAE members for discussion of the veterinary nurse initiative goals and legislative progress. Mark Cushing, consultant to the initiative, will also be on the call to answer any questions about legislative status or strategy. This will not be a typical webinar or extended presentation by Heather and Ken, but rather a dialog regarding the initiative with everyone’s questions encouraged.

This session is free for members – The Bridge Club only asks that you bring a beverage of your choice for a toast to kick off the session!  VMAE is offering this session to help inform members about the initiative, and to afford members to utilize a technology platform that is engaging to use and might have applications for use within VMAs. To register for the event click here.