VMAE Launches New Communications Channels

Today VMAE is launching a new structure of communications channels that reflect the evolution of our organization, the heightened pace at which information is flowing (in VMAE, in the veterinary community, in the world!), and the valuable information resources our partners are making available to us. Here’s a quick rundown of the VMAE channels:

  • VMAE listserv – Designed for member-to-member connections and interaction about association management, topics related to the veterinary profession, idea exchanges, best practices, etc.  Listserv interactions are archived and searchable through the website.
  • VMAE Peer to Peer (P2P) News – Designed to disseminate news from and about VMAE and information relevant to VMA executives. Instead of collecting content over time and issuing a periodic electronic newsletter, VMAE will now post news items to the news feed on the website. When news items are posted, we’ll notify you through a MailChimp message (with the nifty new banner for Peer to Peer News you see above) with “teasers” and hyperlinks to find the full item on the website (just click on NEWS at the top of the website and you’ll arrive at the news feed).
  • VMAE Peer to Peer (P2P) EXTRA – Designed to disseminate news from and about VMAE partners. Over the coming days you’ll receive several editions of P2P EXTRA because our Strategic Initiative Partners (think companies) and Strategic Partners (think organizations) have presented lots of great information they’d like to share with you.
  • VMAE on Facebook – Designed to help you make the most effective use of your time (laugh with me here!) our members-only group on Facebook is the perfect place to post reflections, photos, and whatever else helps connects as a community of individuals who are professionals AND people with interesting lives and minds outside the work sphere.

These are exciting developments for purposeful communication. Please utilize them – and please send me (ralphjohnson@vmae.org) any comments about improvements we can make to serve you better.


Ralph Johnson, CEO | VMAE